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Tuesday Art

I couldn't access lj for a few days. A friend is fixing the problem, so I can post a few entries. Then, he'll have to finish!
So, really sorry because I couldn't answer the comments! I'll do it as soon as possible!



Naarmamo 22

A very young acanthus leaf...


Thursday Art

Brian Dettmer, a New York-based artist known as the Book Surgeon, uses tweezers, knives, scalpels and other surgical tools to dissect and carve old books into intricate and beautiful sculptures.

Dettmer’s work has a sort of vintage touch to it because he uses old books – maps, encyclopedias, textbooks, manuals, and any other sort of literature that he can turn into an interesting piece of art.


Naarmamo 21

It's still taking hours for posting an entry but at leas...


Cute Tuesday

Others here !!!!!

"I am a freelance photographer from Macedonia. I’m very fascinated by the nature and the wild animals – they are my greatest passion and inspiration for photography.
I compensate the lack of wild animals in my surroundings by taking pictures of animals in a zoo nearby, where it’s much harder to take pictures because of many obstacles like bars and cages. However, as it can be seen for the pictures, my intentions are to capture the zoo animals as if they were in their real environment."


Naarmamo 19

Just played with water colors, pixlr and photoscape!


Monday Fun

Others here!!! (worth the visit!)


Marija Tiurina, game designer by day and illustrator by night, teamed up with NeonMob, a platform for digital artists and collectors, to recreate an identity for the seven deadly sins – with cats!


Naarmamo 18

Played with roses...


Strange Sunday

Photos by Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes of abandoned homes reclaimed by the Namib Desert.


Naarmamo 17

Acanthus flower...


Dreamy Saturday

Naarmamo tomorrow!
Beautiful treehouses...

Architect and environmentalist Peter Bahouth designed and built this beautiful trio of treehouses linked by bridges in an Atlanta forest, which also happens to be his backyard. Inspired by the treehouses and adventures of his youth, the idea was to create a sort of fort for grown-ups. The three houses dubbed “Mind,” “Body,” and “Spirit,” include a living room and bedroom with a special bed that slides out for an improved view of the forest below. The photos here were taken for Jane Field-Lewis’ book My Cool Shed, provided courtesy photographerLindsay Appel. (via iGNANT, CJ Who)



Chocolate Friday

Hi, cousins! today is... strange. I can post, I can read entries, comments but when I want to comment, ieither it doesn't work (this morning) or it takes loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnng. Playful lj... So I thing I'l comment this evening (crossing fingers) or tomorrow.

Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi designed a modular system for creating edible chocolate LEGO bricks. Chocolate is first poured into precisely designed moulds that after cooling can be popped out and used as regular LEGOs. It’s hard to determine exactly how functional they are, it seems like he had success in building a number of different things, though I can only imagine how quickly they might melt in your hands, but I suppose that’s beside the point; this is two of the greatest things in the world fused together.


Naarmamo 15

 Heavy rain, sun, heavy rain, grey sky, sun, heavy rain.... So I played with hibiscus!


Naarmamo 14

 Grey sky, rain, cold... Nice October weather! Though earlier, this morning, we had a few minutes of sun...


Wednesday Art

Paper artist Maude White cuts meticulous depictions of birds, people, leaves and other compositions embedded with hidden scenes and stories. Each piece can involve thousands of minute cuts giving the works an extreme feel of density and texture. White is currently based in Buffalo and will have work on view next month at the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative as part of a show titled Birds I’ve Been. You can see more of her work in herportfolio and over on Instagram.
others here



Naarmamo 13

This morning, cool weather (as usual), wind, rain, some rare sun, rain... So I too quickly pics of rhubarb.


Tuesday Garden

A new trend in gardening has gardeners creating all sorts of creative garden arrangements and fairy gardens out of broken pots, proving that even a broken pot can be useful and beautiful.

Such pots can be created either from the shards left from an accidental break or from a carefully planned cut.



Naarmamo 12

 Playing with Ronsard roses again...


Naarmamo 10 and 11

First... naarmamo 10! I wasn't at home yesterday but I did that late in the night...

And this morning, I played with hibiscus again!


Sunday Fun

Not at home today! I'll postt naarmamo day 10 tomorrow... And answer comments!
We enjoy quite a few unprecedented technologies today, but much more of the stuff that we use has been around for ages. Ancient humans may not have been able to text or upload selfies, but they enjoyed everyday objects like flushable toilets, chewing gum and nice purses just like we do.

Inspired by imgur’s post, we decided to make an extended list of the oldest examples of everyday objects. Keep in mind that these are only the oldest surviving examples of these objects – many of these may have existed or are known to have existed even earlier.

1,500 years old socks

Oldest sunglasses 800 years old

Oldest flute 40,000 years old

many other things on the site...




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