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Si jamais vous avez des filles, laissez-les lire. Jean de La Fontaine

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14 February
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I was about 8 years old when The Man from UNCLE got to France : " Des Agents très spéciaux". I have only old memories of the serie, except for a blond and quite taciturn agent... My friends were rather "Napoleon", and as the blond blue eyed, I was, usually "Illya". We defeated Thrush for weeks... I grew up with IMF, The Avengers, Voyage to the bottom of the sea, Star Trek, The Champions, The Persuaders, Space 1999, McGyver... English or American series. Should I say I grew up ? I am afraid I always like series ( Stargate, CSI, NCIS ( of course !)Torchwood ...).

Getting older gives the opportunity to discover old series in original version, on DVD; many of them, but not MFU, not yet... but thanks to the fanfics authors, I found again Illya and Napoleon ! I read, read, read... and I couldn't fight the temptation : I tried to write... in English. I apologize for doing mistakes, and I request your indulgence.

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